Doug O’Connell & Associates focus on criminal defense, military and veteran issues, and civil lawsuits.

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COL (ret) Doug O’Connell is an experienced litigator with more than 100 jury trials in state and federal courts across multiple states. He is known as a dedicated defender of his clients, vigorously representing their interests with both deep research and investigation into the issues or charges involved, and with forceful advocacy in court or negotiations.

Mr. O’Connell represents companies and individuals under investigation or charged with administrative failures, regulatory violations, and white-collar crimes. He has more than two decades of experience with grand jury subpoenas, civil investigative demands, and federal “target letters.”

Mr. O’Connell also assists individuals and corporations with security clearance issues world wide, including Austin, TX, Army Futures Command, Dallas, TX, San Antonio, TX, Fort Sam Houston, Lackland Air Force Base, Brooks-City Base, Randolph Air Force Base, Joint Base San Antonio, El Paso, TX, Fort Bliss, Del Rio, TX, Laughlin Air Force Base, Corpus Christi, Corpus Christi Naval Air Station, Houston, TX, Coast Guard Air Station Houston, San Angelo, TX, Goodfellow Air Force Base, Washington, DC, Northern Virginia.

In addition, Mr. O’Connell handles select civil law matters, including defending collateral civil actions, representing whistle blowers, and bringing lawsuits on behalf of plaintiffs seeking justice. He regularly represents military service members and veterans caught in the legal system, including security clearances, administrative separations, and petitions for the correction of military records. Mr. O’Connell also defends service members subjected to courts martial.

Mr. O’Connell also serves Of Counsel to Fluet, Huber & Hoang law firm in Washington, DC.

Areas of Practice

Criminal Defense

Selective Civil Law

Military Matters

Whistleblower Representation

Security Clearance Issues

Defense Contractor Representation

Law Enforcement Officers

Crime Victims



“The G-RAP Investigation Is A Crime”

(Speech to the 2016 EANGUS Conference)

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